Zero SSL: A Guide for Web Designers

As a web designer, you likely already know just how important internet security is. For website visitors who want are need to enter their personal information and even financial details on a website, they need to know they can trust the site they are using.

With the internet having so many potential threats to security, SSL protection is now a must have for all websites.

With internet security experts recommending not to use websites without a SSL certificate (noted by the padlock next to the URL) and many browsers alerting visitors to unsecure websites, this is more important now than ever. Otherwise, you face losing valuable site visitors, conversions and sales.

While as a web designer you may not have experience in making a website more secure for site visitors, therefore better protecting the website owner or company, installing a SLL certificate has a lot of benefits and is something you will be able to do.

To make this process simpler…

…enter ZeroSSL.

What is ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL is a new, free, and trusted authority that makes acquiring SSL certificates simple and extremely affordable.

Since 2016, ZeroSSL has served over 500,000 customers worldwide so they are a trusted authority in the SSL certificate world. It’s also free to start using.

ZeroSSL’s goal is to make SSL certificates simple and inexpensive to access while still providing the security websites need.

ZeroSSL vs Let’s Encrypt

ZeroSSL is the best alternative to Let’s Encrypt, which provides free SSL certificates via a user-friendly interface and API. 

In comparison to Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL offers a clear API / ACME and a user-friendly API to build a valid certificate for 90 days or 1 years using a fast and straightforward method. Compared to using Let’s Encrypt, you will have access to a fully-featured SSL management console, an REST API for SSL management, SSL monitoring, and more.

Their ACME server is also an alternative plugin to Let’s Encrypt’s ACME. 

With ZeroSSL, you can build 1-year certificates with inexpensive subscription plans. They offer single-domain, multi-domain and wildcard licenses for free through ACME. They also offer a REST API in addition to ACME to automatically issue certificates. 

In comparison to Let’s Encrypt, users can verify the domain’s possession through email (not just DNS), making it easier to issue certificates quickly via the BUI.  

Why You Should Use ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL has many astounding features. In this review, we will explain all the features you can expect and how they make ZeroSSL one of the best services in the market. 

Quick and Easy Installation Process

The installation process of ZeroSSL is fast and easy. All you need to do is access your certificate file using the readily available online instructions and take some quick steps before starting. It will take less than 5 minutes to get setup. 

Wildcard SSL Option

With Wildcard SSL feature, you can secure your SSL certificate for a fixed or variable number of subdomains without facing any hassle. The best part about this feature is that it can be issued for any ZeroSSL certificate without any expiration date. 

Management Console 

ZeroSSL has one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Everything that you need to manage your SSL certificates for a domain or various sub-domains is gathered in one place, which is called Management Console. 

One-Click Validation

It takes only a few minutes to verify SSL certificates with Zero SSL. It is simple and supports automatic e-mail, HTTP, or DNS (CNAME) file uploading of CSR generation and domain verification.


ZeroSSL offers a simple SSL REST API that supports webhooks for generating, validating, renovating, maintaining, and handling certificates.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

ZeroSSL takes certificate protection very seriously. You may take security measures over a simple warning message by allowing certificate monitoring.

ACME Automation

SSL certificates are a key feature of the network and the method should be straightforward. The ZeroSSL REST API interface automates most of the tasks for you and is supported worldwide in all major ACME integrations. Renew your 90-day ACME automation certificates automatically. A dedicated ACME certbot comes with ZeroSSL. You can also avail of ACME integrations on-demand.


ZeroSSL makes it simple and inexpensive to get a security certificate. There is a free plan for basic needs as well as more comprehensive solutions available.

There is a free plan and no credit card is required. They do have several other pricing choices to provide additional services with add-ons and extended periods. Regardless of the scale of your company or your needs, ZeroSSL has plenty to offer and you can start from just $10 a month. 

Customer Support

ZeroSSL, regardless of being free-of-cost offer outstanding customer support via email and ticket system. If you are facing any issues or technical difficulty you can simply contact the technical support team. You can also contact them via contact form on their website for a quick response. 

Trusted Partner for Many Big Brands

ZeroSSL belongs to the apilayer software family comprising tools such as IP stack, Eversign, Invoicely, and several other API products. ZeroSSL is also a world-leading SSL and SSL network certificate authority and is trusted by a wide range of major brands. No wonder big brands like Lenovo, Slack, and Uber have over 1,000,000 certificates. These brands trust ZeroSSL for the complete protection of their website and customers. 


To ensure the protection of site visitors, it is important to establish an encrypted channel between you and your customers. If any of the websites you own or any of your client sites don’t have a SSL certificate installed, this this should be on your new priority.

Luckily, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to start. Simply visit ZeroSSL, register for an account and follow the few prompts given to get started.

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