7 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins

In today's day and age, while the world is filled with chaos, we cannot stress enough the importance of being organized. An organized way of working is extremely important as it enhances your productivity. It saves time, reduces effort, yields better communication and ultimately lowers stress. While you may be using multiple methods to keep yourself organized on a personal level, but won't it be nice if your website also had some tools to be managed in an organized fashion?

One of the many reasons why WordPress is so popular is the ease to include plugins and increase its usability. An efficient plugin makes your site more valuable without having to write lengthy lines of code. Project Management plugins are some of those valuable elements that help you to manage your projects right on your WordPress dashboards.

Why Project Management Plugins are Important?

Any project at hand requires good communication that allows the team members to coordinate with one another seamlessly. It helps to organize the work, distribute responsibilities, keep accountability and track progress. This saves quite a bit of time which can be utilized to do more and provide more value to your clients.

Happy clients = more referrals!

While there is no scarcity of Project Management Plugins for WordPress, we have shortlisted the top 7 plugins for you to help you choose the perfect one as per your needs without getting lost in an exhaustive list of options!

1. Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a visual project management platform for WordPress that eliminates the headaches that cost you time and money when managing projects. Its custom dashboards visually present project status and progress. Some of its best features include resource, team, and time management. Pricing varies as per your team's size and starts at 99 USD. Get more information here.

2. SP Project & Document Manager

Remote file sharing, maintain and control unlimited number of documents, records, files, media, videos and images are some of the cool features of this plugin. You can create unlimited folders and sub folders to share, organize, manage client, student & supplier documents and accounts, control individual documents, and select specific file sharing of documents all in an easy to manage online process. Find more details here

3. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager plugin comes with a user-friendly interface and web-based task management feature that enable the user to complete their to-dos quicker than ever. Comes with a time-tracking tool and built-in reporting feature helps you to complete all projects effortlessly. Want to give it a try? Click here

4. Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager is a modern, easy to use project manager for WordPress, to help manage all your projects and tasks effectively and get work done. It features a beautifully designed user interface to efficiently keep your projects on track. Know more here.

5. Task Manager

In its modern and intuitive interface, Task Manager will allow you to manage your time through orderly lists. So, the teamwork is facilitated, with a follow-up of the tasks and of made time. It helps you to create and categorize your tasks and notify once done. Download this plugin for free here

6. Business Manager – HR, ERP & Projects

Business Manager is a free HR, ERP & Project Management plugin that allows you to easily manage your employees, projects, clients & documents. Click here to download the plugin. 

7. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban boards are best known for agile project management, but work well for customer relationship management (CRM), tracking sales, scheduling content publishing, hiring new employees, and more. For more information visit here


We hope that you liked this short yet comprehensive list. By now, you must have known that if you want to keep your WordPress projects more organized, and secure, utilizing a Project Management Plugin is a great option. You can opt for free as well as premium plugins based on your needs, or upgrade to a pro version when your business grows. Is there a project management plugin for WordPress that you have been using and was not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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