Top 7 WordPress Page Builders in 2020

Whether you’re creating your own website or working with a client, you no longer need to be a computer programmer to create a stunning and elegant website.

Many businesses today use WordPress as it has become a powerful tool to get your website up and running without any programming knowledge. There are many easy-to-use page builders that can help you build a unique and professional website without touching a link of code. 

With so many to choose from, this guide aims to help you pick one of the best WordPress page builders so you can get a website up and running quickly. Before we look at the options, let’s make sure you know what you should be looking for in a good page builder. 

What To Look For


One of the most critical things to remember is that users expect responsive websites so they can easily view and use the site on any of their devices. 

Your website will need to be responsive across all devices, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a page builder.


Your site will also need to be compatible across different browsers on various devices. For example, Mac users will mostly use the Safari browser, while Windows users will be accessing your site from Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Your website should work well on each of these browsers. 


Since WordPress was designed to ensure that even non-programmers can create a website, you need to ensure that your page builder will allow for easy customization.  

If you want to ensure that you can make quick changes without much coding knowledge, then you need to look at various demo themes to see which ones will suit your needs.


How quickly your pages load is extremely important when it comes to choosing your WordPress page builder and theme.

The average loading speed that a user is willing to wait is 3 seconds or less! You do not want your website theme to be too slow or cumbersome to navigate, or you will definitely lose the user’s interest.


Everyone needs support at least from time to time. If you are purchasing a premium page builder, typically customer support is included but it’s always good idea to double check. 

You may need information about how to set up the theme, build a new page, or add a plugin. You should know if the page builder you choose has customer support available or not.


Search engine optimization is very important these days for most sites so make sure to double check the page builder you choose will allow you to make SEO changes or configure SEO settings. 


One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular is the ability to add many different plugins to suit your needs. You should check that all of the plugins you are going to need for the site will be compatible with the page builder.

Alright, now that you know what to look for in a good page builder, let’s explore some of the best options.

Top Choices Of WordPress Page Builders

Here are seven of the best WordPress page builders currently available:

To start our comparison, we are going to take a look at Thrive Themes. There’s a good reason they are first on our list. 

Their suite of tools focuses on getting maximum conversion rates for any website that uses it’s tools. Especially if the website is into lead generation, their tools make it very easy.

Thrive Architect is the visual content editor or page builder for this specific option and it allows for easy editing even with limited knowledge of HTML and CSS.

More Thrive Themes Features


Divi has been a multipurpose WordPress page builder for some time, but with the recent upgrades to its interface, we have seen significant changes. The new and improved Divi builder is perfect for front end visual editing. The one drawback for back-end editors is that you usually have to switch to the front-end view to see the changes but not anymore!

With the new update to Divi, you can now edit directly on the front end of the website to see all of the changes as you make them. 

You can also switch to the mobile platform view, which will enable you to see how your website will look on a mobile device. As we mentioned before, cross-platform compatibility is vital to the user experience so this is a crucial feature.

More Divi Features Divi Demo


Elementor is a beautifully designed and quite popular page builder. 

This WordPress page builder also features a drag and drop interface that enables you to truly maximize your website’s potential even if you don’t know how to code. Elementor gives you the full customization experience without all of the hassles of learning HTML and CSS.

If you foresee having to make some changes in the future depending on your client base, then you will want to take a look at Elementor as your page editor of choice.

More Elementor Features | View Elementor Templates


Beaver Builder is another famous page builder. We found this product to be intuitive, easy to use, and great for editing many different types of themes. It is beginner friendly, even for people who have no coding experience.

Beaver has a vast library of different interfaces and themes. We also discovered that Beaver Builder had one of the absolute best support systems out there. If you have any questions or concerns, there is a dedicated team waiting to reply and get you back on track. We loved this feature since their response time was almost immediate.

When it comes to website issues, you don’t want your website to be down for very long. The most crucial factor here is that you can quickly get in contact with Beaver support and have your issue solved right away.


Here is another top-notch product that can compliment your WordPress website. We liked that Visual Composer has so many different, available, third party add ons. This allows for great flexibility.

Overall, this is an affordable and fantastic product for one-site beginner use. It did have a few drawbacks, however. We found that the interface was slightly confusing, and we did not see a visible undo button, which made things a bit more complicated.

We also noticed that this builder had fewer customization options than its competitors, so if this is something that you will need, we recommend choosing a different option.

Full Visual Composer Feature List | Visual Composer Tour


Like its competitors, Live Composer is a front end page creator for WordPress. This allows for easy access to front end customization and editing. We enjoyed using this product for its compatibility with any WordPress theme. We also found that there were over 30 modules to which you can add elements.

Other than that, if you would like to generate leads and create sales, then the dedicated development team for Live was instrumental in creating that atmosphere.

There were a couple of cons that we found when using Live, though. We noticed that there were some website and database limitations, otherwise, this is a solid option.

Live Composer Features | Available Extensions


Themify has consistently been providing an excellent platform for building fantastic page layouts and helpful plugins for users. We found that Themify allows for extensive use of customization. This means that there are endless opportunities for creating the exact website that you want.

Themify offers a page builder that is intuitive and good for beginners. It also provides a post creation builder, which is perfect for building a blog oriented website.

Themify Features Themify Demos

Deciding Which One

We have covered seven of the best WordPress page builders on the market in 2020. We are confident this will help you succeed when choosing the ideal resource for your website. 

We did our best to cover many different options available that are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

When it comes down to it, are top 2 recommendations are Thrive Themes and Divi (this website is built on Thrive Themes!). We enjoy using these pages builders and we all agree they cover all of the important points noted above when searching for the best WordPress page builder.

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