Top 7 UX Design Books for Designers

UX or User Experience has evolved as one of the most interesting and important aspect of the web design industry. The new UX principles have rapidly replaced the traditional ones, and the focus of website design has shifted towards giving users a great experience. This may have been a recent trend but it is fast growing, and whether you're a beginner or an experienced web designer, knowing your way in the world of UX design is a must!

So, in order to help you get started, we have cumulated a list of the top 7 must-read UX books that will help you grow as a designer. There are a lot of great book out there for UX, UI and usability but we wanted you to have an absolute list, keep this handy while surfing through the bookstore next time. 

1. The Design of Everyday Things

This is one of the classics from Don Norman, where he has emphasised on the importance of design as the most important key to understand consumer behaviour. It's not a technical book that will teach you the fundamentals of UX design, instead, it helps you to think like one. It actually sets the foundation for building user experience design.

The book points out examples from common things around us and helps us to understand that how design can make our lives better! So, if you're someone who loves to learn the concept, this book is a must!

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2. White Hat UX

This book is great even if you're not an experienced UX design professional, but someone willing to set their foot in this space with ethical design. Offered by Smashing Magazine, this book focuses on creating unique user experiences without a dark side. It is an insightful and honest read that allow designers to get a clear understanding of this field. 

You'll not just learn the basics of UX design but also sleep better at night knowing that you have done the right thing!

3. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

Written by Susan Weinschenk, we believe that this book must be present in every UX Designer's library. It's a great resource for designers who want to learn how to elicit a response from their audience 

With this book, you can learn how to increase the effectiveness, conversion rates, and usability of your own design projects. You will get answers to some of the most pressing questions such as what fonts to use, which text size is better, how to motivate people to stay on your website and so on!

4. Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Yes! UX Design is no Rocket Science but if you really think about it, it's not something that comes just easily, you actually have to put your brain behind making a design that will serve the purpose of your consumers with minimal efforts from their end.

Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery Made Easy lists out usability testing concepts that designers can apply to their own websites and make it better for their visitors. It's a simple book that helps designers to focus on the most important problem with a design, which otherwise would not even get fixed!

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5. UX for Beginners: A Crash Course in 100 Short Lessons

This book is great for UX designers who're just starting out in the industry. As it claims, Apps! Websites! Rubber Ducks! Naked Ninjas! This book has everything. Authored by Joel Marsh, this book aims to teach UX design in a simple, practical way with just a slight bit of humour,

If you're a non-designer who wants to be one, start here!

6. Design Is Storytelling

Written by the award-winning author, Ellen Lupton, this book delves into how storytelling shapes great design. This book breaks the barrier of conventional design principles and inspires the designers to think creatively by using storytelling techniques to create great user experiences. 

Use this book to stir emotions, break monotony, feel inspired and grow your design skills using the psychology of visual perception. Get your copy from Amazon from here

7. About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design

The concept of Interaction Design is booming all around us with the advent of smartphones, and tablets, at an alarming rate and as a UX designer, this is something that you must include in your design strategies. 

You only have a few seconds to make the visitors stay on your website, and if you do not live upto their expectations, you just lost business! This book delves into these concepts and more, do make it a part of your UX Design resource catalogue.

Did we miss something?

Okay, so that's a wrap from us, we have consciously tried to keep this list short to not overwhelm you with too many choices, but these are our most recommended books. We have also listed out the best books for web designers, do check them out as well. If there are any other books that have greatly helped you in shaping your UX design career, let us know in the comments below!

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