Top 10 Facebook Groups for Web Designers

Facebook Groups are a great place to meet and build a relevant community of like-minded people who share the same interest, or ideas. Being a member of these groups can also help you in communicating with a potential client. However, don’t overdo it! It’s best to join 5 to 6 groups, and engaging with the audience, raising questions, posting solutions and adding value to the group to stay an active member.

Let’s dive in!

1. Web Design & SEO Agency Entrepreneurs

This group is for web design, SEO (& other digital marketing) entrepreneurs who are serious about starting and growing their business inside a community with other entrepreneurs on the same path.

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2. UI/UX designers

This group is meant for designers – a place to learn and share – to ask questions, network, and improve.

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3. Get Back To Design

This is place for established designers to share knowledge, ditch the code, and do more of what they love. Hosted by Krista of and Kory of

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4. WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners is the starting point for anyone who wishes to develop a WordPress Site, anyone who has a question, or anyone who needs support in WordPress. You can, also, find a seasoned WordPress developer for hire.

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5. The Admin Bar Community

The WordPress Community & Podcast connecting people with the products, lessons, & strategy to help push their business forward.

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6. Drama-Free Design Collective

A community of designers and developers looking to create collaborative, drama-free design experiences. This group is for graphic and web designers and developers.

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7. Branding & Web Designers Community

Branding & Web Designers – Secrets to Six Figures is an exclusive female community for *designers ONLY* to learn together, share successes and failures, and support one another!

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8. Web Design for Entrepreneurs

This group is meant for those looking to get start, grow, and expand their own web design services – whether as a freelancer or simply adding a service onto your existing agency.

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9. Divi Web Designers

The primary purpose of this group is to share our work for inspiration and feedback, to share tips and tools related to Divi and WordPress and ultimately to help empower each other to become better Divi Web Designers.

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10. Design for Geeks, Devs, Techies and Marketers

Here is where you get design guidance, training and support for geeks, techies, developers, marketers, web design business owners and anyone else who is not a trained designer but needs to get on with designing web pages and other things on a daily basis.

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That’s all folks! We hope that you will make an informed decision by joining these Facebook groups based on your skill set and requirement. Remember, to follow the group guidelines and never post spammy content.

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