Thrive Themes Overview: A Review of the Thrive Themes Tools

Customizable themes are interesting. It makes you feel that you can transform your website with sheer will. And it has nothing to do with just color. With customizable themes, you’ll be able to command the layout and overall look of your WordPress website.

One customizable theme that is getting tons of attention is Thrive Themes. It is often compared with the Divi Theme of Elegant Themes or Beaver Builder because it has the same concept – A theme that breaks through the limits of WordPress coding and allows the user to literally drag and drop elements to build their website.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes will give you more than just a customizable theme. In fact, It will give you a membership to a suite of products namely: Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Leads, Thrive Membership, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Comments, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Ultimatum, and Thrive Apprentice

The most attractive part of the Thrive Themes membership is Thrive Architect. Previously named as Thrive Content Builder, it is the literal drag-and-drop tool that can help you transform any theme in your website. It is a plugin (not a theme) so you can use it with any existing theme that you have.

Then, there’s Thrive Leads. It allows you to create optins with ease. It is somewhat the same as Bloom Optin where you can design the optin and then place it anywhere in your website. But if there is one thing that makes it better, it is the one-click button. This gives the prospect a button that they can click before they are asked to opt in.

Third is Thrive Ovation. This is the testimonial collector that allows you to put all your testimonials in one location. This way, you can just pull it out when you create a salespage.

Fourth is Thrive Ultimatum. It helps you insert a sense of urgency in your salespage. The best part? It is evergreen. This means that you can have a timer for everyone that visits your site and it will reset each time. So the sense of urgency is created for one person but you don’t really need to set an end date to your offer.

Fifth is Thrive Headline Optimizer. If you have been marketing online for quite some time now, you’ll know that headlines can pull prospects in or push them out. With the Thrive Headline Optimizer, you have a headline A/B testing tool in your fingertips. This will help you find the words that work for your target market.

Then, there is clever widgets. This takes your WordPress website into the next level with some custom categories and tags.

And there is thrive quiz builder. This helps you get feedback from your customers as well as create a system where you only offer something to your prospects based on their answer.Just looking at what each tool can do, you’ll know that Thrive is really offering tremendous value in just one membership. The best part is that you can get all of these for only $19 per month.

Why You Should Buy a Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive themes may not be for everyone. While the $19 per month may not seem a lot, it is not something that can be afforded by someone who is just starting a business online.

However, a Thrive Themes Membership is a worthy investment. Here are my reasons:

Thrive Architect is the Only Non-Loading Customizable Theme on the Internet

If you have tried other customizable themes, you’ll find that you will always have to wait for the changes to be applied. This waiting time can sometimes distract you or put you off-course. Thrive Themes know this and this is the reason why they have strived to create a non-loading customizable theme. With Thrive Architect, it is just a literal drag-and-drop interface with no loading time.

Get Access to Instant Themes That You Can Set Up in a Click

Aside from having the power to edit your pages in a drag-and-drop fashion, Thrive Themes also allow you to set up pages in just a click. How? You can do it through its built-in landing pages. In fact, they have templates for every page that you’ll need in a funnel. Just select, edit and you’re ready to go.

If you’ll see all the templates that they have, you’ll be surprised on how much work went into creating all of the templates. Just take a look at this for instance.

You’ll see the following tags: lead generation, 2-step, homepage, coming soon, download and confirmation, product launch, video and salespage. Be sure to use these to find the pages that you need.

Get Access to All the Other Tools that Are Designed for Your Business Success

I have told you earlier that a Thrive Themes membership gives you more than an access to their themes. In fact, the themes are just part of the show. The main actors are really their suite of tools.

People who buy a Thrive Themes membership are often more interested in these tools than the actual membership. How can you blame them? These tools are just designed to help a business succeed online.

Variety of Modules

Once you get Thrive Architect working for you, you’ll find that it has a variety of modules. Paragraph or Text Element, WordPress Content, Image, Button and Icon are just a few of their modules. They also have some specialized modules like the Content Reveal, Star Rating, Quote Share, Testimonial, Call to Action and Guarantee Box.

Modify Elements Easily

In other ‘customizable’ themes, you can move around the properties but you cannot easily edit them. But Thrive Architect takes it to the next level by allowing users to edit elements. Now, they are able to set the size, width and even the size of the pixels. Then there is also an option to change the typography and the font size and the overall size of the element.

The customization options will drive you crazy. It gives you a chance to really create a website that looks exactly as it is in your mind.

No Mess When You Uninstall

The problem with other ‘customizable’ themes is that the website would often look terrible once you uninstall. This is terrible especially if you are operating a website with millions of pages.

With Thrive Architect, you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to do is create and the content and layout will remain the same. You can disable the plugin and it will keep your layout intact.


Another thing that you’ll love about this is it always create responsive pages. This means that your website will look the same in just about any platform. The best part? You’ll be able to instantly see how your website looks like as you edit it. All it takes is just choosing the view that you like from the Responsive View icon in its editing dashboard.

As you can see, a Thrive Themes Membership is an investment. It contains a suite of tools that will not only help you have a good looking website, it can help you create a website that is designed to convert into online sales.How to Install Thrive Themes

Installing a theme from Thrive Themes is similar to installing a theme from other websites. There is really nothing special about it.

First, go to Appearance > Themes. Then click on Add New.

From here, you can just click on Upload Theme beside Add Themes.

Then upload your desired theme from Thrive Themes as a zip file.

Then upload your desired theme from Thrive Themes as a zip file.

What is Thrive Architect (Previously Thrive Content Builder)?

Thrive Architect or Thrive Content Builder came from the need of transforming ideas into a website. You see, website development is not that enticing. Behind every beautiful website is a big block of code that a normal human being would not understand. Often, it is that wall that leads business owners to just give up on creating their own websites. But it should not be the case. In fact, this is the problem that Thrive Architect wants to solve.

With Thrive Architect, you now have a tool that can help you create a website exactly as you envision it. The best part? You get to edit the website right from the design. There is no need to go back to the code and save to see how the design looks like. You can edit from the design, save and add elements to your liking.

How to Install Thrive Content Builder?

To use Thrive Architect, you should install it as a plugin. Installing a plugin is easy. Just go to Plugins in your WordPress Sidebar and choose Add New.

Then, beside Add Plugins, click on Upload Plugin.

Upload the zip file that you have downloaded when you have signed up to Thrive themes.

How to Create a Website with Thrive Architect

Now let’s go into the creation, shall we?

The first thing that you will notice once you have Thrive Architect is the “Edit with Thrive Architect” in your Edit Page. This will allow you to access the screen where you can modify the elements.

NOTE: The elements are now bigger and clearer than the old Thrive Content Builder.

NOTE: The elements are now bigger and clearer than the old Thrive Content Builder.

From here, you can view your page and see all the options you can use to change it.

Or you can just start from scratch.

From here, all you can do is play around. You can choose the module and see how it looks like. Then, you can edit it right on the page on the right. You can edit the text, the color and the size.

Here is a discussion of all of its elements:

1. Paragraph/Text – Allows you to put text.
2. Heading – Allows you to put titles
3. Image – Allows you to put an image,.
4. Button – Allows you to add a button with a link
5. Columns – Allows you to separate your content into columns.
6. Background Section – allows you to divide your website into layers.
7. Content Box – Allows you to put a box around your content
8. Content Template – Allows you to use a saved template.
9. Click to Tweet – Adds a button that allows visitors to tweet a particular quote
10. Content Reveal – Hides a portion of the content until it is clicked.
11. Countdown – puts a timer on the page
12. Countdown evergreen – puts a timer that resets for every user.
13. Credit card – allows visitors to buy from their credit card
14. Custom HTML – allows you to add your own code
15. Custom Menu – Allows you to add a horizontal or vertical menu
16. Disqus Comments – self explanatory
17. Divider – adds a line or space
18. Facebook Comments – self explanatory
19. Fill Counter – Good for creating live infographics
20. Google Map – adds an interactive map
21. Icon – Gives you access to the icon database
22. Lead Generation – Add an optin
23. Post Grid – Sorts out posts in a grid
24. Progress Bard – self explanatory
25. Social Share – Social share buttons
26. Star Rating – Allows visitors to rate you
27. Styled List – Allow you to create bullets
28. Table – self explanatory
29. Table of Contents – Generates a Table of contents automatically from the page
30. Tabs – Helps you create tabs for your content
31. Testimonial – Gives you testimonial styles
32. Toggle – Gives you a way to hide content. Perfect for FAQs.
33. Video – Allows you to add a video
34. WordPress Content – Gives access to your existing content.


Thrive Themes is truly a worthy investment. It gives you access to more than just themes. It gives you access to a powerful tool that can help you transform a website to your dream website at will. It is the most flexible WordPress site builder on the Internet. Although it has a monthly fee of $19. It is still a small price to pay compared to all the things that it can do.

So if you are on the fence in buying a Thrive Themes membership, don’t hesitate. It is one of the few tools online that can propel your business to success. With it, you have a powerful tool that can help you design your website in days, not months as well as have tools that can test your headlines and track your subscribers. This is exactly what you need in today’s highly competitive online marketing space.

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