The Dos And Don’ts Of Modern App Design

App design has always been a technological outlet for creative individuals. Almost one thousand new apps are uploaded every day to an app store. This is because there are plenty of different varieties that can be explored. There seems to be an app for almost everything nowadays, from daily tools to social media and even gaming. What’s more, the process of app development is simple enough that tech novices can even jump on board and make their own apps.

There are ways to ensure that your app works as well as it should. Read on to find out some of the common pitfalls you should avoid when designing an app, and some of the standard functions you must not forget to include.

Do: Consider Navigation

Since there are already thousands of apps on the market, your idea is likely going to face some stiff competition. Apps are a tool that can be used by anyone, so it is worth keeping this in mind when your start your creative process.

The biggest obstacle for consumers is complexity, no matter what type of app they are using. In short, a person will give up on an app if it is too hard to use. Therefore, you should always put time into making the user interface as simple as possible so that your audience can easily navigate the app you have designed.

Don’t: Forget About Copyright

While apps give you to have the freedom to create the type of interface that you want, there are some barriers that you must clear before you proceed. There are some forms of technology and brands that are protected under copyright law. Therefore, you should stop and make sure that you aren’t breaking any plagiarism laws before you start designing your apps.

Do: Use Application Testing

Security is an ever-growing risk in the digital world, so much so that even the smallest error in your coding can leave your app open to a virus or cyberattack. While you might be skillful at app design, you can’t also be expected to know everything about cybersecurity. That is why you should leave application testing to the professionals. A company like ForAllSecure can perform all your application testing needs before you release your app so that it is safe to release on the market. It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you have put your app through the right security checks before it lands in the customer’s hands.

Don’t: Forget The Customer

While there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from creating an app, you should never release an app that is of no real use to the consumer. It is all well and good practicing your coding skills using app designing technology; however, releasing a poorly conceived or obsolete application will only hurt your reputation as a potential developer. Before you go ahead with an official release, take a good look at what the market is missing to ensure that your app receives some downloads. In other words, have a vision instead of trying to release an app just for the sake of doing so.

Do: Perform Quality Checks

You may believe that the app you have created is a modern feat of engineering; however, an individual that pays full price for your app is going to have much higher standards. A faulty app is going to have negative consequences on your reputation, and it is easy to overlook a few small flaws.

Therefore, try to test out your app as much as you can before committing it to a release. Furthermore, you may also find it useful to give it a friend to test. Two pairs of eyes are better than one and it always pays to be cautious.

Don’t: Expect To Become Rich

App design is a highly lucrative market to be in at the moment. Everyone needs apps on their phone, so providing these should provide you with a bit of extra cash. However, there is already a lot of competition out there as previously discussed, and people are always apprehensive about trying something new, especially if it is your first time releasing a new app.

There may be examples of individuals who got lucky in the app designing market and made a lot of money from one product; however, these are few and far between. As such, you should not expect app design to make you a millionaire overnight. Be realistic with your expectation and you will enjoy the experience much more.


App design is not as complicated as it once was, and it is now easier than ever to get involved in the process. If you want to get involved in this market, make sure you heed the advice above and you should have fun.

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