14 Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Designers

It's no secret that adding recurring revenue to your web design business is the best way to earn more consistent income that you can depend on, make it your business more profitable and better serve your clients.

Here we're going to explore 14 recurring revenue streams for web designers to start adding more sources of recurring revenue to your business.

Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Designers

#1 Email marketing

Email is one of the absolute best ways to stay in touch with potential and current customers. Most business owners know this yet they just don't have the time (or make the time) to make email marketing a priority.

As a web designer you can offer to produce weekly or monthly newsletters to engage with the businesses email list and help them generate more sales through email.

#2 Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is a very common recurring service offered by web designers. The purpose of Website Maintenance is to help maintain the website, keep it up to date and ensure the best performance for website visitors.

Website maintenance packages can be designed to best meet the needs of the websites you are working on, however, typical maintenance packages include some of the following:

  • Website backups
  • WordPress, theme & plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security scans
  • Content addition
  • Small site changes
  • Monthly report
recurring revenue streams for web designers

#3 SEO

Unlike website design, SEO is an ongoing service that requires monthly work. This not only will help the website increase in search engine rankings, it will also help the website stay ahead of competition who is also continually working on SEO.

Full SEO campaigns can be offered on a recurring basis, as well as specific SEO tasks such as link building.

#4 Paid Ad Management

Paid ads are an excellent way to generate immediate leads for any business. In order to generate consistently it’s month after month, these paid ad campaigns need to be continually monitored, created and improved.

Paid ads can vary from Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, native ads and others. 

#5 Social Media Management

Social media is another recurring Service as it requires posting on a consistent schedule in order to continuously engage with the business’s audience. 

Social media management packages will vary depending on the type of service that you wish to provide and will be of most value to your clients. You can consider including some or all of the following in your package:

  • Account creation and optimization
  • Social media cover and profile image creation and optimization 
  • Monthly social media audit
  • Post and Industry research
  • Social media reputation management
  • Social media inbox and messenger management
  • Specific number of post per month (noted by each social media platform)
  • Boosted posts
  • Contest or giveaways 
  • Monthly reporting

#6 Managed Hosting 

Managed website hosting is one of the easiest ways to upsell a client and generate recurring revenue for your web design business. They’re many reputable companies that will allow you to resell their hosting and white label it for your own business. The benefit to this is they manage the servers, tech issues and all you need to do is pay your monthly package fee and share this service with your clients.

One setup this requires little to no extra effort on your part after setting up a client. White label managed hosting like Flywheel who has a white label managed hosting program for agencies make the most sense.

With a company like Flywheel who was designed to provide hosting Services directly to web designers, they offer an abundance of features that no others provide that makes this a very simple and profitable solution for you as a web designer.

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Flywheel’s White Label Managed Hosting Program for Web Design Agencies

#7 Reputation Management

Reputation management helps Ensure businesses maintain a positive reputation online.  these days everyone is online and with smartphones, people are checking out businesses online even storefronts before deciding to do business with him based on feedback from previous customers. This is your opportunity to continually help a business maintain a positive reputation which at the end of the day, will help them increase sales.

Reputation management packages can include:

  • Responding to positive and negative customer reviews
  • Reputation competitive analysis
  • Removing and / or pushing down negative reviews
  • Review site profile set up an optimization
  • Increasing reviews
  • Monthly reporting

This is also a service that you can provide by using easy-to-use tools such as Bright Local’s Reputation Manager.

#8 GMB Management Service

Local businesses want and need to bring highly in Google’s local pack in order to gain more visibility and more leaves every single.

Local businesses not only need a Google my business account they can also benefit from ongoing Management Services that will help them improve their presents on Google, create an engaging listing and help them increase website visits, phone calls and sales.

Google My Business management packages can include:

  • Listing creation and optimization
  • Monthly photo and or video uploads
  • Review monitoring and responses
  • Regular Google post
  • Q&A monitoring and management
  • Monthly reporting

if this is a service you would like to offer without having to do the work yourself, Whitespark is a very reputable company that provides a white label option for web designers.

#9 Analytics Review & Strategy

A website that is not helping a business generate more leads and sales is not a good website no matter how great it looks. The only way to really know how to improve it website is to look at the analytics to see how the website is really being used by site visitors.

My providing a site owner not only with important data about their website but with specific recommendations on what they should improve in order to see more leads in sales is extremely valuable.

Using a free analytics software like Google Analytics for example well give you immediate insight into important metrics such as:

  • Bounce rate
  • How many pages viewed per visit
  • Average time on site
  • Exit pages
  • Top landing page
  • and a lot more

This data will show you exactly which pages need to be improved, where most of your attention should be spent and how to increase conversion on the website. This service makes it very easy to upsell clients on making changes as your recommendations are based on the site’s actual numbers and data.

#10 Conversion Rate Optimization

Not only will reviewing analytics help you make important decisions about your website, regularly focusing on conversion rate optimization will directly impact the website’s revenue.

Conversion rate optimization packages can include some or all of the following:

  • Top landing page audit
  • Hypotheses based on key performance indicators
  • A/B split test
  • Heatmap testing
  • Analytics review and monitoring
  • Landing page creation
  • Shopping cart abandonment testing
  • Comprehensive list of recommendations
  • Implementation of most successful variations based on testing

In selling this service, the focus is to demonstrate how the work you are doing will lead to an increase in lead and sale conversion rates depending on the website you will be working on.

#11 Content Creation

From emails, blog posts, videos and social media posts, there is no shortage of content to create every single month. Most website owners will gladly hand off one of their most time consuming tasks so they can focus on running the business.

#12 Security Monitoring

With real threats of hacking and malware constantly there, ensuring a website is secure and has not been reached is extremely important.

Website owners can view their website and think everything is perfectly normal, while their site visitors can see something entirely different from inappropriate pop-ups, text in other languages and redirects to sites you’d rather not be associated with.

This is the importance of website security monitoring and maintenance. Ongoing website security services and packages include:

  • Website security monitoring
  • Regular malware detection, prevention & removal
  • Site backups
  • Security hole patches
  • Restoration of website in event of hacking

#13 Website Management & Growth Membership

If you love teaching and sharing valuable tips and tools with others, it may make sense to offer a membership where you can share video tutorials, downloads, checklists and other resources every month.

This would give members a training library to access from anywhere they want and at anytime they want.

Videos can show them how to manage or grow their website. Ultimately, what you decide to include will be what is most valuable to the types of websites you work on.

If you don’t want to create the content for the membership yourself, you may want to consider some white label videos.

#14 Promote recurring web design affiliate programs

Some of affiliate programs pay recurring revenue when you refer a customer and they continue to pay month after month. This means you will receive recurring revenue for each customer you refer so long as they stay a paying customer.

This may just be the easiest way to generate passive recurring revenue for your web design business.

Where to Start With These Recurring Revenue Ideas for Web Designers

The best way to get started with adding recurring revenue to your web design business, is to look at your existing clients and see what their current needs are. Start by reaching out in offering that recurring service to best help them. This will help you know what service to provide, how to offer them.

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