Mediastack API: An Overview

It's no news that it's quite difficult keeping up with breaking news content and blog articles (no pun intended).

But what if your job is to keep track of live news data feed to discover trends and highlights and document it efficiently? Then you have to find a way to make that possible and one of the best ways is by using Mediastack’s REST API

Imagine being able to display live news data fields from 7,500 news sources around the world. The REST API allows you to do just trends and headlines, tap into the world of live news data feeds, monitor brands and get breaking news events. 

What is Mediastack?

Mediastack is a scalable JSON API that allows you to feed the latest worldwide news, headlines and blog articles directly into your website or app. You can use this to power your news aggregator service or use it to find out trends and highlights that will help you make informed decisions. The API offers you access to worldwide news, thus lets you keep track of global trends.

With Mediastack, you never have to worry about keeping track of many publishers individually. It will provide the news in your feed from all the sources without you doing anything.

Helpful Features for Web Designers and Developers

Here is what you can expect from the API:

  • Access to over 7500 International news publishers and blogs from across 50 countries in 13 different languages
  • Track of breaking events with the latest news updates reaching you every minute
  • Data transmitted in a very organized and readable format
  • Access to data from popular and leading news sources like CNN, NY Times, MSNBC, Euro News, Guardian, ESPN, Al Jazeera, BBC, and many more
  • Scalable API layer cloud infrastructure and provides news results in a lightweight and straightforward JSON format
  • Access to historical news data + real-time news data
  • Secured data delivery. - it provides data using 256-bit HTTPS (SSL) encryption
  • Support for numerous programming languages, including XML, GeoJSON, JSON, and many more
  • Select your news sources so you don't get inundated with insignificant news
  • Filter news by countries, languages, categories, and keywords
  • Detailed and easy to use documentation so anyone can use it

The best part is they even have a free plan which doesn’t require you to enter your payment details.

Although developers get excited over APIs, even without prior coding knowledge you can set up the Mediastack REST API. 

How do you integrate Mediastack into your App or Website?

After signing up for Mediastack API, you will immediately gain access to the control panel. In the control panel, you'll find the API endpoints, API access key, and comprehensive documentation on how to Implement Mediastack REST API and the development languages you can use with it.


At the top of your Mediastack API control panel, you will find the personal API key designated for each user. You can however, decide to generate a new API key by trashing the designated one.

All API queries depend on the base URL:

The API key when used with the base URL, produces a collection of the latest news data. Every string has optional elements available, containing everything from dates to news sources and sort order.

End Points

Two API endpoints are available to use - news data and news sources.
News endpoints work with various parameters. News data employs:

  • Sources - e.g., CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, etc
  • Categories - the type of news like entertainment, business, business
  • Countries - standard country codes are in use here, e.g., us - the United States, au - Australia.
  • Languages - standard country codes are also in use here, e.g., de-making, German, en - English
  • Keywords - provide a specific topic by using comma-separated keywords.
  • Date - this is employed primarily for historical news
  • Sort - the order can be set in descending, ascending, and popularity.
  • Offset - this is used for showing older news items from the same set of data.
  • Limit - 100 is the maximum data limit, with 25 being the default

Historical data can be queried using the desired date specified. News source endpoint parameters are restricted to countries, categories, limits, and offset. Specific parameters can be omitted using the prefix.

5 Development Languages which can be used with Mediastack API

Not all development languages are supported for integrating mediastack with your website or app. 5 languages which can however be used are:

  • Python
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Go

Plans and Pricing

As mentioned, Mediastack has a free plan so anyone can get started with up to 500 calls per month. If you need additional usage (calls), Mediastack offers a pricing method based on how the API is used for an affordable price. 

Mediastack Free Plan

This version enables you to have access to 500 API calls every month, and there's no constraint on data sources. This allows you to aggregate news data from all the sources exactly like a paid customer. You won’t have HTTPS encryption and cannot use the free plan for commercial purposes. Without those features, you’re free to enjoy the plan.

Mediastack Standard Plan

For additional features you can upgrade to the standard plan, which costs $24.99 per month (or $19.99 per month if done annually). In this plan, you receive advanced news data coverage and real-time data, up to 10,000 API calls per month, and other features such as HTTPS encryption, access to historical data, technical support and more.

Mediastack Professional Plan

With this plan, you receive more API calls for the price of $99.99 per month (or $79.99/month if billed yearly). You receive all the features under the standard plan, in addition to being able to make 50,000 API calls/month.

Mediastack Business Plan

There's also the business plan, which allows for 250,000 news requests per month. This plan costs $249.99 per month (or $199.99 if billed annually).

Mediastack Custom Plan

Lastly there's the custom plan, which can be tailored according to your needs. You can contact the company to get a custom plan in which you want to be fitted to your needs.

Click here for more details on their plans and pricing.


Mediastack is a very competitive API that allows you to get your news data from various sources that are frequently assessed for authenticity. You are able to keep your website visitors on top of the latest news, past and present. Reliable software, fast performance and affordable pricing all make Mediastack worth considering.

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