30 Marketplaces to Sell Your Web Design & Other Design Work

Have you ever been interested in selling your work while at the same time not having to work directly on client projects? How about building up some massive web design income?

Selling web design and other design work on marketplaces can put your work in front of a huge audience and help you to generate sales on the side.

There are many marketplaces that will allow you to sell your digital products and here you'll find a list of the existing marketplaces where you can sell your web design, graphic and other digital products. 

Making the Most Selling Digital Products on Marketplaces

Besides signing up for an exclusive agreement,  you can also sign up as an affiliate for the marketplaces. Many marketplaces will allow you to be both a seller and an affiliate which means when you refer customers to them who make a purchase you will not only receive your commission as a seller but you will also receive your commission as an affiliate.

This can help you grow your commission from 40 to 50% all the way up to 80% or more.

Understanding Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Agreements

Some marketplaces give you the option to sell your digital products exclusively with them. This means you can only list your products on their website and not with anyone else. The major benefit to doing this is they tend to dramatically increase the percentage of revenue you will receive from each sale. 

On the flip side, while you may receive a lower commission with a non-exclusive agreement, you will be able to generate sales from a larger number of marketplaces.

How Much You'll Earn

How much you'll earn will vary from marketplace to marketplace as well as other factors including exclusivity, type of product sold, volume of sales and others. 

While every marketplace will take a cut of the sales price, there are a lot of benefits to selling on these marketplaces including:

  • Instant access to a large audience (many marketplaces have hundreds of thousands up to millions of subscribers)
  • No out-of-pocket marketing expenses
  • Easy way to test products to see which work
  • Each act as an additional marketing channel for you
  • You get to focus on doing what you love...designing
  • You don't have to handle payments, refunds or affiliates

What Can You Sell

What you can sell varies by the marketplace. Some of the most common products you can expect to sell are:

  • Web design themes and templates
  • Website plugins
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Photshop files 
  • and more

The Marketplaces

Alright, let's jump into where you can sell your web design and other design work. 

#1 Creative Market

At Creative Market you can sell photos, graphics, templates, web themes, fonts and more. 

When you open your own shop, you can set your own prices. 

How to Open a Shop at Creative Market

#2 Design Cuts

If you have fonts, textures, brushes, patterns and presets to sell, Design Cuts is a great marketplace to checkout. 

You will need to submit your link for the Design Cuts product team to review and they will send an invitation if they are interested. They also share a lot of tips on how to sell digital products

#3 Udemy

On Udemy, you can sell digital courses on a variety of topics. If you think about all the products you can sell on various marketplaces we're sharing here, you can create courses on those topics. For instance, 'How to Create a WordPress Plugin' or 'How to Design Icons.'

You can expect to make between 25% and 97% revenue on sales. When a sale is made using your instructor referral link or coupon code, you'll earn 97% (3% goes to processing fees). If paid advertising was used to find course buyers, you will receive a 25% commission and you'll receive 50% when the student finds the course in the Udemy marketplace.

Teach on Udemy

#4 Skillshare

Skillshare is another platform where you can sell digital courses. The style of courses tends to be a bit different than Udemy so it's worth exploring their marketplace to see how courses are laid out. 

How much will you make?

Earnings are based on a royalty system. Every month, 30% of Skillshare's total premium membership revenue goes to a royalty pool for teachers and teachers are paid bsaed on their share of watched minutes by premium students and those who have signed up for a free trial.

Teach on Skillshare

#5 Mojo Marketplace

With Mojo Marketplace your products not only show up on the Mojo Themes website, they will also show up on the Mojo Themes partner sites including over 30 hosting companies and inside the Mojo Theme WordPress Plugin. 

Themes, templates and plugins are what you can sell. The benefit of the Mojo Marketplace is they have over 5 million users.

How much you will make starts at 50% and goes up to as high as 70% for exclusive sellers. Non-exclusive sellers will still receive 50% of sales revenue which frees up your products to be sold on other marketplaces. 

Join the Mojo Marketplace

#6 Envato Market

What to sell: code scrips, video, music & audio, website themes, design assets (vector images, photoshop files), stock photos, 3D models

Envato does focus on quality and your product will be reviewed before being approved so make sure to submit your bet work. 

How much will you earn: Non-exclusive sellers earn 45% and Exclusive sellers earn between 62.5% and 87.5% based on the volume of sales

See More Details on Selling at Envato Market

#7 Design Hill

At Design Hill, you can sell a variety of creative services from branding to graphics to websites and more. You also have the opportunity to set your own prices so you are paid a competitive rate. 

While you can't sell themes and plugins, you can sell designs on t-shirts and other apparel. If that's not your thing, you'll want to consider selling creative services. 

Here's how to get started on Design Hill

#8 The Hungry JPEG

Sell fonts, graphics and templates at The Hungry JPEG. Here you will make 70% of every sale and there is no exclusivity requirement!

At The Hungry JPEG you can set-up your own store and will be given a unique URL with your storename that you select.

See More About Selling on The Hungry JPEG

#9 Design Bundles

At Design Bundles you can sell your fonts and designs and make 50% - 75% of each sale. To get a better estimate of how much you can expect to earn, use their earnings calculator to see how much you may earn.

Learn More About Selling on Design Bundles

#10 Theme Planet

If you have website themes to sell, visit Theme Planet

All types of templates can be sold including HTML5, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, and Zencart templates.

Plus you will make 60% of each sale.

Learn More About Theme Planet

#11 Template Monster

With Template Monster you have a couple of options for what and how to sell. You'll be able to list your website templates, eCommerce themes, plugins, and graphics for sale. 

As an author, you will make 30% - 70% when selling exclusive items in the marketplace and 20% - 50% of sales for non-exclusive items. This amount varies depending on the volume of sales.

Creators selling graphics will receive 65% commissions regardless of exclusivity. Creators can also create their own prices. 

Learn more here

Template Monster also now as a new subscription service called ONE. Only authors with over 100 items are considered for participation. As this is a subscription, how authors are paid is different than in the marketplace and is based on a point system.  You can view more details on how ONE commissions are calculated here

#12, #13, #14, #15 and #16 MyFonts, Fonts.com, FontShop, Linotype or FontExplorer

Selling fonts through Monotype will distribute your fonts for sale through MyFonts, Fonts.com, FontShop, LinoType fonts or FontExplorer. 

You'll be able to earn 50% of every sale and there are no exclusivity requirements. You are only not allowed to sell your fonts at a higher price than where they are listed elsewhere online. 

Learn More About Selling Through Monotype

#17 CrowdSpring

At the moment, Crowd Spring is not currently accepting new freelancers. It's worth checking here to see when they open for new applications.

At Crowd Spring you can design a logo, website, product, create a tagline and more. At Crowd Spring, projects are submitted and several creators will submit their designs and ideas for the project owner to select from. 

Payment is based on the project while most designers receive a few hundred dollars. 100% of the payment goes to the designers and project creators are the ones who pay Crowd Spring separately.

#18: 99 Designs

There are two ways to earn with 99designs. You can work directly with clients one-on-one and you can also compete in a design contest and earn when your design is selected.

When hired, how much you earn varies depending on the type of design work being done.

There are fees to be aware of. A $100 introduction fee is charged and the fee is taken over the first $500 aren't. There is also a platform fee for every project which ranges between 5% and 15% depending on your designer level. This means you will at first be charged 15% until you gain more experience on the platform.

Learn about earning on 99 Designs here

#19 Envato Elements

There is quite a variety of digital products to sell including themes, plugins, graphic design, photos, video and audio.

Envato Elements is subscription based so authors split 50% of the net revenue from all subscriptions. 

Learn more about payments here

#19 Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals is a deal site where creative authors offer deals on their graphics, icons, plugins, themes, fonts and more. While you earn less per sale selling at a discount, it puts your product in front of a large audience. Your deal can be worked out directly with the Mighty Deals team. 

Submit a Deal With Mighty Deals

#20 Inky Deals

Inky Deals is another deal site where you can sell mockups, fonts, Photoshop assets, stock videos, image overlays and other creative work.

See How to Submit a Deal to Inky Deals

#21 Design Crowd

At Design Crowd you can both look for freelance jobs as well as participate in design competitions (similiar to those at 99 Designs covered above). 

The amount you will be paid will vary from project to project.

Find Freelance Jobs & Design Competitions Here

#22 Brand Crowd

Brand Crowd is a unique marketplace where you can sell your unused logos. So if you've participated in any design contests where yours wasn't selected, you can upload them for sale at Brand Crowd. 

You'll make 60% every time a logo is sold.

Sell your unused logos at Brand Crowd

#23 Your Own Website

And of course you’ll always make the most on your own website as you always control the price and will take home 100% of the revenue generated.

While earning the max amount is attractive, you will have to balance the time you spend designing with some of the less desirable tasks such as building an audience that wants your work, setting up a payment gateway, handling refunds and customer support questions and more. 

Selling your work on marketplaces is a good way to get started selling your work. As you grow, you may decide to also start selling from your own website as more and more people start to know your work. 

Over to You

Do you currently sell any of your design work on any marketplaces? Where would you like to become a seller? Tell us in the comments below.

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