Invoicely: Free, Powerful Invoicing Platform for Web Designers

As small business owners, freelancers and web designers, we all have gone through the headache of creating invoices, managing our expenses and following up on timely payments. So, today let’s talk about the solution - Invoicely, a popular free and small business online service that allows you to build and maintain beautiful, business-like invoices, collect payments – all in one location. Keep reading to find out how Invoicely is a perfect tool for making your life and business so much easier.


Invoicely is a cloud-based invoicing tool for small businesses, and freelancers. The most enticing feature of this project is the free program that enables unlimited customer invoices. The software is a third version of the framework released in 2012 to create a new online mass invoicing network. The company claimed to have 100,000 customers using the app since the new version released in 2016.

Outstanding Features of Invoicely

Ease of Use

The app is very user-friendly. There's no setup since it’s hosted on the cloud. All you need to do is create your Invoicely account, add business information, assign your URL, choose your payment portal, and set the permission configurations for your team. Options also available to fill in sales tax, discounts, and other preferences.

Besides streamlining the billing process, the software's emphasis is to keep things to be paid on time. Simple navigation plus robust features contribute to productivity and reliability that its non-controlling users are most welcome. UI buttons are well-positioned to monitor and display your activities and processes for invoices, details, dashboards, reports, setup, and others.

Let’s face it, we're all under fire. I never really have enough time to do all I want to do in my day. And to spend more time on my day, I try to automate everything I do. This is why I can appreciate how simple it is for Invoicely to build estimates and invoices. The submission of new information for a potential customer takes simply seconds and not minutes.

Here are the benefits of using Invoicely:

  • The Invoicely supports multi-currency transactions, so that on-line invoices can be created in any language and currency and instantly obtained. One hundred sixty languages are currently supported.
  • This feature is included in all paid plans, enabling you to track checking times manually or use your integrated time tracker. It is quite simple to translate reviewed hours into invoices.
  • Invoicely does not limit or charge you per number of invoices you send, so that, even if you use the free plan of Invoicely, you can send unlimited invoices.
  • Invoicely helps you generate and submit recurring invoices on your dashboard using the "Recurring Invoices" button. You can update your repetitive profile from a blank invoice template with your name, profile description, start date, frequency, and events. The invoices also include automated reminders of payment, automated receipts, and personalized alerts.

Help You in Branding

Yes! Invoicely also assists with branding. When you send a simple, boring invoice, your customers won't remember you or your company. But if you give them a brand invoice that shows the name of your company or your product, they will notice you more frequently and be a returning customer.

In essence, this allows you to make your bills look like an internal billing portal – giving your company so much more credibility. You may even configure your domain with your account with Invoicely (or keep the Vanity URL of Invoicely).

This isn't all. You can delete any branding from Invoicely – so that your customers can see your brand name and nothing else.

Multiple Businesses

Submission and keeping track of invoices can be a real pain in the neck if you have more than one business to juggle with. Invoicely enables you to have several companies in one Factors account – so that you can comfortably accommodate a variety of companies in one Facts account. It also serves the purpose of your team. You can separately assign duties and approvals within the organization.
The ability to manage your clients is another great Invoicely feature. For example, all the invoices sent/purchased by a certain client can easily be seen, added or updated quickly.


Your Invoicely account has a nice and user-friendly dashboard, giving a quick overview of your company's finances. You will see financial images, such as received and deposited invoices and unpaid payments for your existing invoices. You will also see your payable and receivable accounts easily. Finally, you'll view comprehensive reports of you and your team for your company, payment, and billing activities simply by logging in.

Online Payments

An important consideration for invoicing is the ease of payments by the client. If it’s not convenient to pay for, it’s no good. And, Invoicely shines here. You send the invoice to your customer through a payment connection and clients can pay via PayPal, PayLane, Stripe,, Mollie, and Wepay. With the above-mentioned Invoicely conversion in real-time, you can also get paid in any currency.
You can also conveniently apply fees, delivery costs, and discounts to individual goods invoiced or the overall invoice.


Invoicely provides a free plan and three paid monthly subscription fees, ranging from $9.99 to $29.99. The main differences in the plans are the maximum number of users and the ability to send quotes or estimates, generate recurrent reports, and more.


If you even send one invoice to a customer, I'd ask you to look at Invoicely and see why over 100,000 small companies and freelancers are using it. Start using it to help you and your business thrive today.

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