How to Put the End to Boring Presentations: 6 Tips & 7 Ready-Made Creative PowerPoint Templates

This article provides 7 creative PowerPoint templates and tips that will make your performance memorable and help you stand out from the crowd

All of us have been in a situation when we are sitting in a stuffy room, listening to a boring presentation, and trying to force ourselves not to fall asleep. After such meetings you leave the audience not full of spirits, but with gratitude that the presentation is over.

Worse than participating in such a situation as a listener is only performing this kind of presentation yourself.

6 creative ways to present information

Take the psychology of color into your account

In the last few years, bright presentations replaced the usual black and white which were thought to be more convincing and classy.

You can take advantage of it and use colors even more specifically. Become accustomed to the psychology of color and then choose your template’s tone according to the feelings that you want to evoke. For example, if you want people to feel calm and secure, use blue color. If you want to stimulate your audience, give your preference to red which is associated with strong emotions.

Use diagrams and infographics

Instead of going from slide to slide of black and white presentation that is full of text, try out visual tools such as diagrams and infographics that will bring light to your performance.

Visible instruments help the audience scroll through the slide and pick up vital information. It will lead to more engagement and understanding of the ideas you want to convey.

Put original elements

If you want your performance to stay ahead of the curve, original elements should be implemented into your presentation. You can make them yourself or use the ready-made PPT templates with thousands of customizable elements on MasterBundles and save countless hours of your work. 

Add animation

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of animation tools as they also will make your presentation look more appealing. After incorporating enter and exit effects into your presentation once, you won’t be able to stop using them.

But remember, if you overuse animation tools, it will be complicated for the audience to follow your presentation. 

Use text creatively

It is important to know the basic rules for choosing the right fonts. One of them is that you should use only two fonts: one for headlines and another one for text. 

If you focus on having a creative and simultaneously visually friendly presentation, you can try mixing distinct fonts with neutral types and experimenting with sizes.

If you don’t have time to learn the basics, you can browse PowerPoint themes designed by professional designers with the rules of using fonts in mind and choose the perfect fit for your project without any concerns about fonts, colors, and other stuff. 

Try unusual templates

Creative PowerPoint themes are already designed in a way that will help you to convey your information more engagingly. Such templates include unique and originally crafted charts and diagrams that can support your message.

7 creative PowerPoint templates for a memorable performance

If you struggle to look for a perfect template for a memorable performance, try out one of these. All of them contain designs that are usually unexpected during meetings. So using them will be a great option if you want to catch your audience’s eye. Except for thematic backgrounds, you will find a lot of visually appealing elements such as high-quality pictures and charts. Read to learn more!

Funtastic Colorful Powerpoint Template 

With its vivid colors, this template will brighten any performance and make you stand out from the crowd. It is professionally crafted and includes original elements, tables and diagrams. Using this template won’t cause you any problems as all the visual tools are fully editable.

OBNOXION-Bundle Presentation Pack

Do you want your presentation to be as uniquely designed as a fashion magazine? Then this template will be a perfect choice for you. It will charm the audience with blue, rosy and olive green colors. 

This PowerPoint presentation can be used both for working and studying. The way you use it is up to your creativity and imagination.

Mandalorian Star Wars Powerpoint Template 

Everyone will be amazed if you decide to give your presentation using a Star Wars theme. This template is provided with dark icons and graphics. Everything that is included in this presentation will shift your audience to the fantasy film.

You can even go deeper and come in Darth Vader’s costume. Such a performance won’t let anyone indifferent and will be a top talking point during the next few days.

50 Slides Colorful Music Presentation Template 2022: Powerpoint, Google Slides & Keynote

This PowerPoint template will easily grab the attention of your audience. How? It’s just impossible to be indifferent when you see colorful musical icons and abstract shapes. All elements are easy to edit and you can change the color to match it with your company brand.

Disney Presentation 2022: Powerpoint, Google Slides & Keynote Templates: 50 Unique Slide

Do you remember the anticipation that fills all your body after watching the first few seconds of a Disney movie? All of us associate the Disney background of a blue palace with happiness and magic. So why not add the charm to your presentation?

This template is made in colors that are associated with Disney. In addition to this, all the elements from icons to graphics are originally crafted and will help you to convey the cartoon’s glee.

XGDRAGON Bundle Presentation Pack

This PowerPoint template looks cool and modern as it has animated elements that add excitement to your presentation. Even though red and black are the main colors here, you can still change something to express your identity and uniqueness.

All the visual tools are included to make your performance more convincing and clear.

Yeager Colorful Presentation Pack 

If you are tired of boring black-and-white PowerPoint presentations, then this one will be a perfect choice. Without any doubt, bright tones will boost your audience’s mood and engagement. You can use this presentation during your meetings, seminars and brainstorming sessions. It is always a good idea to back up your information with cheerful and radiant colors. All these will make your audience smile.

Wrapping it up

Be mindful of your performance and use visual effects to express yourself and convey your idea. Remember, people are more likely to be engaged if they see an originally crafted presentation. The audience will just keep their eye on you as they won’t know what to expect next. So follow the advice and make your next presentation memorable!

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