Eversign: Signing Contracts & Online Documents

Document signing is a long and boring procedure and businesses have to deal with it every day. Signing documents using digital signature greatly simplifies the method making it easier and less time-consuming. 

Technology for electronic signatures is abundant, and Eversign is one of the easiest to use. Eversign helps you insert digital signature capabilities into your web design documents, contracts, new recruiting papers, invoices, or sales proposals. 

Eversign significantly increases your efficiency by automating signatures and approvals for your internal or customer orientations. The documents signed through Eversign are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and are handled by a closely monitored infrastructure. The integration with popular business applications is also smooth. Therefore, you can use any computer to position your electronic signature without sacrificing security in any document.

It's owned by Apilayer, a software provider for millions of customers worldwide, including LinkedIn and Amazon.

Let's discuss some of the best features of Eversign, which makes it stand out from its competitors. 

Stand-Alone Features of Eversign

The features of Eversign can appear sparse as compared with rival apps filled with whistles and bells, however, this works for the benefit of Eversign.

You'll never find yourself getting frustrated by Eversign as it effectively gets the job done and has the capabilities you need. 

Benefits of Eversign

The elegant simplicity of Eversign is the main advantage of the app. The e-signature process provides a balanced combination of features in an intuitive interface.

The emphasis on the specific role of the electronic signature's allows you to perform this with minimal effort and time. You'll find the free edition allows you to use the core features and if needed you can upgrade for a larger variety of features. 

The app goes beyond the basic nice touches. Eversign can set up a sub-account for each of you when you make a digital signature on various businesses, such as a notary or separate business lines.

Document Signing

System protection is important. The audit trail traces the actions taken on and through a paper. Eversign allows you to set a PIN (personnel identifier) to provide extra protection. To open the folder, the recipient must enter the PIN.

The software provides an area for displaying the status of the paper. You may use this to handle multiple documents, including sales proposals sent to different customers.

When documentation is viewed and finished, Eversign can send email alerts to the sender, so that status changes are immediately updated. If recipients do not complete a signature document within the specified timeframe, the program automatically sends email reminders.

Do you need to modify your documents? Eversign can edit documents, which helps you to upload and prepare PDF documents before the signature. For certain cases, you need the documents immediately signed by your clients, staff, partners, and others. Eversign enables that via computer, tablet, or smartphone to add legally binding electronic-signatures. 


Document storage is not an issue because Eversign lets you save your documents when signed. You may also arrange for them to expire on a certain date, transfer them to a safe place or permanently delete them from Eversign.

Templates are an essential part of the framework for e-signatures. Saved documents are often used as reusable ones.

Team members can view and save time using these templates. Templates also maintain accuracy in the information obtained and you will be able to save a template throughout the process.

Integrations with Third Party

Integrations extend the capabilities of e-signature apps by linking applications from third parties. Eversign integrates seamlessly with common third-party providers like Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive.

Throughout Eversign's document preparation process, the list of third-party apps is shown. To link your accounts, click the provider's icon. You'll also find a useful source for comprehensive legal documents such as NDA agreements for individuals and startups.

Mobile Apps

You won't find a separate Eversign app, however, the web version of Eversign works on all devices. Simply log into Eversign and open a browser on the device you're using. The device changes to match the monitor size automatically.


If you find yourself needing support, Eversign has extensive articles and videos in the online help center where you'll find answers to a lot of common questions and functionality. 

In the event you don't find an answer to your question there is a chat feature available as well as email support tickets.


Eversign not only offers a free version, they also offer well priced upgrades. 

The free version has limited featured such as the number of documents that can be signed a month but it's a good way to test the waters. 

Eversign's pricing is divided into several subscriber levels. Its API has a separate price range which is also reasonable in comparison with other options.


Eversign is undoubtedly one of the best digital signing services with basic yet highly optimized services. It is highly recommended for small and medium-sized businesses to avoid the hassle of filing and then signing the documents. 

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