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Our #1 goal is to deliver quality content that is not just information but that can actually be easily used by the readers.

What We’re Looking For

We are not looking for article writers. In order to contribute to The Web Designer, you should be a web designer or developer with experience in what you wish to share with our readers. The article should be not only insightful but also provide a clear next step for the readers.

Before submitting an article, please make sure to review our guidelines and process.

Options for Contributing

Tutorials / How-tos – Walk the reader step-by-step through how to complete a specific process or project.

Ultimate Guides – These long articles dive deep into a particular web design topic giving the reader everything they would need to know or do. These tend to be pieces that readers bookmark for future reference and use.

Checklists – Do you have a process to make an aspect of web design or development easier? Breakdown the process into an easy to implement checklist readers can immediately use.

Opinion Pieces – Share why you use a strategy or approach different than most people and provide a valid argument for why it works better.

Case Studies – What experiments have you conducted and had unexpected results? Share your steps in an insightful way that readers can implement themselves.

List Posts / Roundups – Web designers often have to narrow down plugins, scripts, graphics and other options they have. Help them look at the best options available with options and provide the information needed to make an informed and final decision.

Our Guidelines

  • Articles should be written with your personality. We’re not looking for a dry article that talks at the readers.
  • The article must be original for The Web Designer and cannot be published elsewhere in the future.
  • Article should have a minimum of 1,000 words
  • Well formatted (our editing team can help with this)
  • Relevant images (and video if available) (our team may be able to help with this)
  • No promotional links inside the content
  • 2 links in the author bio – 1 to the author’s website and 1 to a social media profile. 

What You Will Receive

Our goal is not only to produce high quality and actionable content for our readers but also to ensure your post reaches the maximum number of people. In order to do that, please expect specific feedback and recommendations for your post. You can expect:

  • Your article permanently posted on our website
  • The article featured in our weekly newsletter to over 18,600+ subscribers
  • The article posted on our Facebook page
  • To promote yourself / your website in the author bio box at the end of each post
  • A specific contact point from The Web Designer to help you craft the article and submit needed items for publication

The Process & Next Steps

If you are ready to contribute to The Web Designer, please reach out using the form below. You are welcome to submit an idea for an article or a draft article. Our editing team will review and follow-up with you. If you do have an article drafted, please submit it via a link to a Google Doc.