15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Web Designers

It’s that time of the year to purchase gifts for your loved ones, and if you happen to know someone who’s a web nerd we have an awesome list of gifts that are meaningful and would easily fit into your budget. 

Here, you’ll find some of the best gifts for that special web designer or developer in your life. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick out a fun, unique and creative present. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Online Course Subscriptions

The one thing that UX people never cease to do, is learn. So what better gift than an online course subscription of Udemy, Treehouse or WP101. A thoughtful gift that’ll help them upgrade their skills, you’re sure gonna get a sweet thanks note with this one!

2. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Let’s face it - HTML and CSS are the foundations of Web Design, and gifting a book never goes out of fashion. So, this book is a great option for budding web designers who’re learning these coding languages. It’s fun, thoughtful and conceptual all wrapped into one. Order the book on Amazon Now!

3. Docking Station

As a web designer, I cannot stress enough on the importance of a docking station on my desk. It’s like a magic tool that vanishes those extra cords and makes life so much more manageable! Here are the best laptop docking stations of 2020.

Check Out this Docking Station on Amazon

4. Cool Apparels

While it may seem a bit nerdy to you, but your designer friend’s gonna love wearing t-shirts with some HTML/CSS jargon splashed over it. Look for some really cool HTML and CSS T-Shirts here, and we’re sure you’re not going to stop at buying just one.

5. Ergonomic Chair

Many web designers and developers have been working from their home offices even before the trend started during the pandemic. For someone who spends most of their time in a chair, it’s very important that the chair supports the correct posture enabling designers to do their best. Go ahead on Amazon, and look for that perfect chair for that perfect designer!

6. Wireframe Deck

The Wireframe Deck includes 80 2x2" double-sided cards of common website and UI elements, lo-fi on one side and hi-fi on the other. A great hands-on activity to play with a team, client or just by self. Thanks, Santa!

7. Web Hosting

Web hosting is the space where a website lives, and it is the first thing a designer considers before designing their website. A lot of factors like website speed, security, back ups, uptime etc are all dependent on the hosting platform, so gifting that perfect hosting solution can do wonders for a developer! Some recommendations are Flywheel, A2 Hosting, Kinsta etc. - these are dependable names that provide hosting according to all budget and requirement needs!

8. Power Bank

The PowerCore 10000 is a Compact High-Capacity Portable Charger. It’s small, it’s light and provides high speed charging to most smartphones and tablets. It’s really going to come handy while travelling or during a blackout. Definitely a great gift!

9. High Resolution Ultra Wide Monitor

A UX designer’s dream! An ultra wide high resolution screen that allows graphics and websites to be seen in its entirety. It’ll be a cool upgrade for your designer friend from a conventional monitor to a life-like advanced screen. Check out the Samsung Ultra wide Gaming Monitor if you’re in the mood to splurge on your Christmas present!

10. Thrive Themes Subscription

This one’s exclusive for that WordPress designer friend, and if they love WordPress they definitely know how valuable the Thrive Themes Membership Plan is. It’s an all-in-one toolbox for creating websites, online courses, landing pages, campaigns and so on. It’s a great gift option for someone who’s looking to build their online business.

11. Floppy Disc Coasters

You cannot go wrong with coasters - they’re fun, they’re cheap and they’re useful! These geeky accessories can easily adorn the workstation of a designer. It’s definitely a safe pick and you cannot go wrong on this one! Check them out here.

12. Stock Photo Subscription

A gift that all web designers can cherish forever. An unlimited access to royalty free, high resolution premium stock photos. They’re going to come real handy in your favorite web designer’s next creative project, and they can’t thank you enough for this innovative gift!

13. Coffee Maker

Coffee is the ultimate elixir for web designers to get those creative juices flowing and gifting them a coffee brewer is really thoughtful. This space-saving coffee maker isn't going to hog too much space, and can even be a great travel companion. Your developer friend is going to use this product for quite a long time for sure!

14. Notebook and Writing Pads

The Rhodia Rhodiarama Webnotebook is a simple yet functional gifting option for designers. It’s available in different sizes and colors so you can pick just the perfect one for that special friend of yours.

15. Icon Bundles

There maybe a ton of icons available online for free, but having access to a premium icon library that can be used for commercial purposes like apps, websites, infographics and prints is something a web designer would truly appreciate. We recommend the Round Icons Premium Pack for that ultimate Christmas e-gift!

That’s all folks! We hope you liked some of these ideas, do let us know in the comments below which of these gifts did you pick? Or do you have more ideas in mind that we missed out, please let us know in the comments below!

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