Apilayer: Automation for Developers

Apilayer is one of the most trusted suite of applications by developers, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. They help developers and companies to automate and outsource complex processes through dedicated and convenient programming interfaces. 

Let’s find out what makes Apilayer, the best in its industry. 

Handy APIs

Apilayer supports thousands of developers and businesses using convenient APIs to work efficiently with their workflow functions. It guarantees that your APIs function well with any application, system, or programming language to help you increase productivity.

Currency Layer

The currencylayer is a robust API for currency conversion and exchange rate. It's a real-time JSON API which collects conversion rates for 168 world currencies and leading precious metals from a variety of commercial sources. The programming language is compatible with all applications. Currencylayer offers the most recent data. It is easy to incorporate, and easy to access from $9.99 a month.

The online Forex API market consists of cost-efficient but unreliable open-source projects and cost-effective but efficient "business-class" APIs. Currencylayer seeks to combine the strengths of both into one superior product, providing precise, reliable, and consistent exchange rates via a closely monitored API, making it accessible to small businesses and startups.

Data is obtained in real-time from a variety of major forex data vendors. The bid/work price is algorithmically combined, validated, and distributed every 10 minutes and even inside the 60-second market window. 

The Currencylayer terms and conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements apply to any use of the Currencylayer website, APIs, and services.

Screenshot Layer

This is a high-quality PNG, JPEG & GIF Screenshot layer REST API optimized for unprecedented speed and fast device delivery. Its architecture aims to promote use and integration, making it highly compatible with any technology, platform, and program.

A separate and special server is allocated to each screenshot. Any API request can have unparalleled image quality and speed, even when capturing the entire website height and width. 

This API offers extremely personalized snapshots for every program on all websites. It is easy to convert high-resolution screenshots of the PNG, JPEG, and GIF site in a couple of seconds to image URLs. A strong screenshot renderer, which can produce results within seconds, is quick and easy to request an effective URL structure. You can customize your screenshots with advanced options and start at $19.99 per month on the budget.


API provides the European Commission's database with accurate, up-to-date EU VAT rates, number validation, and corporate information. It is easily implemented and protected by 256-bit HTTPS encryption and is a simple API with an optimized URL structure in lightweight JSON format.

It has advanced features such as checking VAT numbers instantly and measuring prices in compliance, among other things. With subscription schedules starting at $9.99 per month, the budget is simple.

Mailbox layer

API is an easy email deliverability and quality measurement REST API. There is a robust verification function that reviews email addresses to ensure that emails are sent to true customers and important contacts.

It is simple and secure and has advanced tools such as the Syntax and typo check, MX-Records and SMTP verification, catch-all detection, and free and disposable email filtering. Subscription fees start at $9.99.


The JSON API and the REST API for 232 countries are a global telephone number confirmation and search. It has a simple numerical validation feature which captures only good leads and maintains a clean and fraud-free user database by verifying telephone numbers before entering the system.

This has state of the art tools such as the new international numerical schedules, carrier identification, and line type and location search functionality. It provides the most economic API, with 250 telephone numbers validated free of charge per month. Besides, users must subscribe to a fee of $19.99 per month.


It creates URLs and HTML extremely personalized PDFs. The GET & POST URL structure is quick, fast, and easy to incorporate with a PDF converter, deliverable in just a few seconds. It's easy to pay on the budget after 100 PDFs per month have been created. The subscription begins every month for $9.99.


Ipstack identifies and locates visitors to the website with their IP address. Developers, SMBs, and large corporations worldwide trust it to make API services in real-time. The API contains 2 million special, specific, and consistent positions in over 200,000 cities worldwide. It also provides technical support.

Its scalability and ease of use are known. The software is already in service in less than 10 minutes and can turn 100 requests into one million requests a day. All data sent and processed is secured by SSL Encryption (HTTPS) with 256-bit. It is safe. It is simple to provide JSON or XML results with its feature.


Userstack is a trustworthy brand of the Lookup JSON API username which detects every browser, device, and operating system in real-time. It has a powerful, scalable cloud infrastructure that works to the most accurate and reliable level for up to several million requests per day. The integration is powerful and can be started smoothly with our simple JSON REST API in a few seconds. It is economical to have a free plan and cost-effective plans beginning at $9.99 a month.


Coinlayer is a trusted tool for specific market details on cryptographic covering 25 exchanges and over 385 coins. This uses data from a variety of reputable crypto-monetary exchange providers and can guarantee the greatest degree of accuracy that its capacity to store historical information already in 2011 reinforces. It is operated by an efficient, millisecond JSON API that is protected by industry-standard HTTPS 256-bit encryption. This offers a dedicated support network to help clients in the case of technical difficulties and troubleshooting.

Wrapping It Up

Apilayer is undoubtedly an unparalleled suite of productivity-enhancing web APIs and cloud-based SaaS applications for developers and small, medium and large corporations.

They have 100,000+ users as of now including companies like Google, Amazon and Gmail. Their platform is dedicated to allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

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