83+ Affiliate Programs for Web Designers

As a web designer there are many ways to make money beyond just providing a web design service. One of those opportunities is to become an affiliate for tools and services that are relevant to the web design industry. These are products that you can promote to your friends, colleagues and clients and when a cell is made you will receive a commission.

Here or not only going to look at a lot of different highly reputable affiliate programs for web designers, we're going to look at how you can best promote your affiliate links, generate the most revenue from these affiliate programs and how to be the most successful.

Let's start by taking a look at how to make sure you will be as successful as possible in promoting web design affiliate programs.

Tips to Be The Most Successful

You're probably already seen affiliates who are widely successful while others barely make anything. The success of your affiliate promotions depends on a number of factors. These tips will help you be the most successful and make the most money from promoting use web design relevant affiliate programs:

  • Use the tools you promote. Promote the tools, software and services you already use and believe in. Never promote something simply because it has a high commission rate.
  • Trust before commissions. The trust you build with your clients and audience is far more important than any Commission. Only promote the products that you believe will be of real value to those you are promoting it to.
  • Use free trials. If you find a tool or service that could be of value to your clients, friends or audience that you have not used before, sign up for a free trial or pay for one month and then get in and play around with it to see how it works. This will make a huge difference when you go to promote it using one of the methods we had discussed. Some companies will even give you access to their product or service in order to do a more in-depth review so don't be afraid to ask.
  • Focus your affiliate efforts. If you're starting from scratch, focus on no more than a small handful of tools are services that you wish to promote and work hard to promote those. As you gain more clients or a bigger audience, then you can start expanding the number of products that you promote. Since you will receive more commissions when those you promote to trust your recommendations starting by promoting last will look more genuine and less like you are just trying to make a buck.
  • Know the brand. There is no shortage of affiliate programs and many are spammy. Promote reputable companies. If you’re not sure, look for reviews, buy the product or try it out before promoting it to make sure it’s the real deal.
  • Incorporate social proof. It's one thing if you recommend a tool or service as an affiliate for the company themselves talks about how great they are. It's entirely different when an actual customer shares their feedback and recommendations. When at all possible use social proof such as reviews, testimonials and ratings to highlight what actual customers think of what you are promoting. You may be able to find these reviews from people you have referred or the company may allow you to use some of the reviews they have acquired.
  • Know what’s happening in the company. Pay attention to the emails the affiliate company sends out so you are aware of any upcoming sales, changes you should be aware of or any added benefits or features that have been released so you can update your information and give you another reason to promote your affiliate link.
  • Websites are about leads, customers & sales. Never forget that websites are just one piece of an entire marketing funnel. consider how you can promote some of the other relevant products and services below to help a website owner or client better increase their leaves customers and sales on their website and in their business as a whole.

13 Ways to Promote Your Web Design Affiliate Links

There are quite a few ways to promote your web design affiliate links. Go find some require significant effort while others can be promoted in a matter of minutes. Some of the strategies that require more time often result and much more affiliate income because of how much more value they provide. The great thing about some of the strategies that are more in-depth is that after you have spent the time creating them, they will continue to produce I'm going commissions without any additional effort from your part.

Reviews / Case Studies

Some of the most powerful affiliate promotions are simply a post or article that reviews a particular tool or service. In this review the features are disgust as well as the pros and cons so a new user would know what to expect.

An even more powerful option is to share a case study that demonstrates the results of using a particular product or service. For example, this could be a website you are working on has low conversions so you implement a new tool, see a huge spike in conversions and then share your findings with others who will want similar results.

In-depth tutorials

An in-depth tutorial will walk a reader step-by-step through how to take a specific action. For example, let's say you recommend Thrive themes and you create a video and / or post that walks a user through how to use their easy leave conversion tools while building a website without coding.

Comparison posts looking at a few different options to help the user make a decision

When a person is ready to make a decision but needs a little bit more information, they will often turn to Google to narrow down their options. this is where comparison post come into play. A comparison post is simply comparing the features and benefits of two or more tools or services a person may consider when trying to solve a specific problem.

For example, if someone is looking for posting and considering Flywheel and Liquid Web, your post can help them make a final decision and click through to make a purchase using your link.

Individual Emails

Nothing is better than a personal recommendation. when friends, colleagues our clients email you for recommendations, don't hesitate to respond with your honest recommendation while using your affiliate link.

To be more proactive, reach out to the individuals before they ask and let them know you have had success with a particular tool or service and wanted to to share in case it would benefit them as well.

Email signature

A rather passive option for promoting your affiliate links is to include them within your email signature. This only requires you to set it up once and then we'll put the link in front of everyone that you email. While this method is not going to bring you the most revenue it can certainly result in some additional commissions.

YouTube Videos

Above I mention creating in-depth tutorials as well as comparison and posts. to take this a step further, consider creating a YouTube video where you can provide a video walkthrough, talk through valid points and help the viewer make a decision.

Videos are a great way to build trust easily with visitors and just like written post can continue to be a source of affiliate Revenue in the future even after you are done reading the video.

Taking the time to promote the video or work on video SEO can greatly help you increase the revenue you can receive every month from your work.

Social Media

Social media is an easy way to promote your affiliate links. It definitely makes sense to schedule various post as many of your followers will miss the first one.

Check with the affiliate company to see if they can share their top converting landing pages. This way you know which pages to promote on social media and will be most likely to convert into sales.

Rather than just linking to a sales page, consider posting about a free trial, a sale, results you've seen using the tool, sharing quotes from yourself for other users and posting any of the reviews or other content you have created.

Create a Resource Page

A resource page is another more passive source of promoting your affiliate links. add a resource page to the main menu on your website, link to it within your post and add it to your sidebar if relevant. This will be the go-to page to help your side viewers see the tools and services that you use that they may be able to benefit from as well.

Automated Email Series for Clients

Having an automated email series to nurture leads in your business is a great way to build up a pool of potential clients. Likewise, once you have converted a lead into a paying client having an additional automated email series to walk them through the process of what to expect, what actions to take an even a post-project email series to stay in touch with them and help them get the most from your service is a great way to appear more professional and generate more revenue from each web design client.

Especially after you have completed your work, incorporating your affiliate links into some of the post project emails make sense as you can promote additional work that can be done to further enhance the results that they are after for growing their business.

Banners, Buttons & Links on Your Website

Whenever the tool or service you are promoting is mentioned on your website, make sure to link to the company's website using your affiliate link. take a look at your website analytics to see your top landing pages and make sure those pages have either banners, buttons or links so long as it's relevant to the affiliate products you are promoting.

Promote free trials and then let the company convert

When you promote a reputable company, they should have a good system in place for taking a lead and converting them into a paying customer. This is just one of I want to make sure you promote a quality company. Not only will you feel confident they are going to take care of the leads you send over and that those people will receive a lot of value, this is also going to help you make more commissions.

One of the ways that you can increase your conversion rate is to send leads through to sign up for a free trial. By signing up for a free trial they are more likely to start to use the tool to see if it is something that can work for them. The right company is also going to guide that lead through how to use a software, provide them with support and help make the sale.

Offer Coupons, Discounts or Sales

Some companies will allow you to divide your commission so that you are able to accept a lower Commission in exchange for being able to offer your leads a discount. This may help you send more people over to the tool to try something when they know there is a discount involved.

Many companies will also have sales they set up throughout the year to promote their product. Make sure that you are reviewing the emails they are sending out as they will often update you on these types of sales and other promotions they have coming up in the business so you can prepare in advance.

Get Creative

Consider setting up a service or even bonus product around the affiliate link. For those who make a purchase and provide proof, creative service around affiliate link or offer an additional product as a bonus offer exclusive for those who make a purchase through your link.

How Much You Will Be Paid

How much you will be paid can vary widely from company to company. Payment terms can also vary within the same company. Every company will have a dedicated page for potential Affiliates to find out more information. Typically those pages will share the commission rate you can expect to receive.

Some companies will pay a flat rate per sale while other companies will pay a percentage of the sale. It's also important to note some companies will pay a one-time Commission where others will pay a recurring Commission. You'll find some even do both.

So for example, if you are promoting a $100 profit you can see the following commission structures:

  • 10% of sale = $10 affiliate commission per sale
  • 10% recurring = $10 commission per month (or whatever the frequency of payments are)

    Note: With recurring payments, they may be for the first year while others may be for the lifetime of the customer
  • $50 + 10% recurring = $50 on first purchase and 10% recurring after that

Receiving the Highest Payout

Many affiliates don’t realize the commissions are negotiable with many companies. Best way to renegotiate your commissions his to first start promoting the program. as you can start bringing in more commissions consistently, reach out to the affiliate manager or company to request a increase your commissions.

With some companies you will be assigned an affiliate manager. If this is the case, start building a relationship with them by sharing your website, your plans for promoting their products or services and other conversations so they know who you are now you are working to promote them. This relationship will help when you are ready to renegotiate your terms.

Where to Find Web Design Affiliate Programs

There are a few ways to find web design and relevant affiliate programs.

Search companies you already use and are interested in promoting to see if they have an affiliate program. It’s common to find a link to the affiliate program in the footer of the company’s website. You can also Google:

  • company name + affiliate program
  • company name + referral program
  • company name + partners

If you cannot find information about an affiliate program, that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. It may just not be publicly promoted. Reach out to the company and express your interest in promoting their product or service.

Search affiliate marketplaces for relevant products such as:

  • Shareasale
  • ClickBank
  • HasOffers
  • Commission Junction

And of course, use the massive list below we’ve put together for you!

Best Web Design Affiliate Programs

Domains & Web Hosting

Every website needs a domain and hosting which creates the perfect opportunity to make money by recommending your favorite company. When working with web design clients, email them your recommendations using your affiliate link and when they sign-up, you receive a commission and have now increased the value of your client.

Some programs you can recommend are:

Top Recommendation: Flywheel

To Earn Commissions: Just build the site on Flywheel, transfer to your client, they activate and new plan and you earn a commission!

Why Flywheel? Especially if your build multiple sites and especially if those sites are for clients, there are so many benefits to using Flywheel hosting (which is specifically for web designers and agencies) as they have features others simply don't have. including transfering billing to clients, collaborating with coworkers and managing 100s of sites.






Up to $500




$55 - $125


$50 - $150


Up to $30-125


Up to $500 (+10% recurring)


$200 or 100% of 1st month payment




Themes, Templates & Page Builders

Templates, themes and page builders are what makes building websites so much easier these days. Here you'll find some of the most popular options affiliate programs for web designers.

Top Recommendation: StudioPress

Why StudioPress? StudioPress is a powerful WordPress theme which uses the Genesis framework. It comes with many child themes to help design the website. StudioPress is a very popular, well supported and well documented option for web designers.

Looking for a white label website you can build without code? Check out the Complete Website Builder & CMS for Designers

(and yes, they have an affiliate program too 👌)

Social Media Management Tools

As a web designer you may choose to offer social media Management Services or you can always advise your clients on how to best promote their business on social media.this presents an opportunity to refer them to software that can save them a lot of time and help them continuously promote their business on social media.












Stock Images, Graphics, Icons & Fonts

What client ever has great images ready to go for a website? As a web designer you know how important great images are to the look and feel of a website. When a client doesn't have images for you, you can either send them 2 a few websites where they can find images or you can even recommend specific images for them to purchase.

Web Design Courses

You may have friends or even clients who want to improve their own web design skills or other relevant skills I may come to you for recommendation. Here are a handful of places you can refer them to.












Website Maintenance & Uptime Monitoring

If website maintenance is not a service that you currently provide but need to recommend, here are a few highly reputable companies you can refer others to and feel good knowing they will be well taken care of.






10% recurring


50% of 1st mo payment