Affiliate Disclosure


At The Web Designer we believe in full transparency which is why we created this affiliate disclosure. At times we recommend certains products and services on this site. Regardless of whether or not we are compensated if you decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation, we only recommend what we honestly believe will benefit you.

Our philosophy is to only recommend the products and services that we would feel fully comfortable making even if we were speaking in person. 

We do participate in various affiliate programs. If you decide to make a purchase, there is no additional cost to you. We do receive a small commission back. 

Our goal with this website is to not only inspire you as a web designer but to help provide the tools, tips and resources you need to succeed no matter how you use web design in your business. As quality, not quantity, is our goal, this is a very time intensive website to run. The commissions we occassionally receive help to cover hosting, software, writers and other team members as needed. 

You should assume links that take you to products or services are affiliate links and that we will receive compensation. With that being said, even though there are hundreds and hundreds of programs we could participate in, we look only for those companies who provide a valuable, high quality product and service that will benefit you, the user.

We are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any of the products or services we share on this site.

If you have any questions at all about this disclosure or a specific product or service we recommend on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to discuss. You can find the contact page at the top or bottom of this site.

All the best,

- The Web Design Team