A Comprehensive Guide to Popular Web Development Job Titles

A Comprehensive Guide to Popular Web Development Job Titles

Many Web developers and Web professionals have a vague understanding of the various Web development job titles that exist. This blog post aims to shed some light on this topic by presenting you with Web developer job titles, their salaries, education required for these jobs, and how to acquire them. We hope that our guide will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to choose your desired Web developer career path!

What do Web Developers Do?

Web developers are responsible for all of the web-based features of a product or service. They design, create, and maintain websites as well as Web apps that run on browsers like Chrome or Safari; they also develop games that can be played online through HTML (a programming language). Web development is always in demand due to constant advancements in technology – here’s what you need to know about becoming one.

To become a Web developer you must have excellent problem solving skills so that when new bugs arise you will be able to solve them quickly without wasting too much time. Web developers spend a lot of time debugging and finding solutions to bugs, so it’s important that you have the patience for this. Web developer jobs also require great attention to detail as Web apps can contain many moving parts that must be working correctly together in order for your product or service to function properly.

Most Popular Web Development Job Titles Web

Here, we will review the top 10 most popular web development job titles. These are comprised of a mix of engineers, designers, and planners. Let’s kick it off!’

  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Art Director
  • Web Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • SEO Specialist

Let’s get into each of these

Web Designer

Someone that creates the look and feel of a website with Web technologies like HTML, CSS (cascading style sheets), and JavaScript. The typical web designer has years of experience designing for Web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Web designers are highly skilled in HTML/CSS programming languages as well as graphic design software like Photoshop; some web designers also know Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics). Their salary ranges from $50k – $90k per year depending on experience with senior Web developers making upwards of $100k annually.

Graphic Designers

These folks focus on designing logos, icons, stationary – essentially anything that is not Web-based or Web application related. The number of years required to be a graphic designer is not as long as Web designers, but graphic designers should still have several years of experience in their industry. Web design salaries range from $44k – $96k; depending on the amount of experience you’ve obtained and where you live (geographic location).

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is someone that is responsible for the entire Web application or website from start to finish. This can include front end web development, back end Web development (programming) and also don’t forget about the database! Usually full stack developers have a strong background in programming languages like JavaScript/jQuery and SQL; they should be very familiar with HTML markup as well. The salary and years of experience for a full stack developer is similar to Web developers, but because full stack Web devs are responsible for the entire Web application – they tend to be more in-demand. Generally speaking the salary of a full stack developer is $75k – $100k per year.

Front End Developer

The front end Web developer is someone that focuses on designing and building Web pages with HTML/CSS. They are responsible for the layout, structure, design of Web sites; they also make sure it functions properly in browsers like Chrome or Safari. Front end developers should be proficient in JavaScript (a programming language) as well to help with UI (user interface).

A typical salary range for a front-end developer would start at $50k – $85k depending on years of experience and geographic location.

Back End Developer

Back end developers are web developers that are responsible for web applications or services. They will typically work with databases, programming languages like JavaScript/PHP and SQL to create web apps – whether it’s an eCommerce site, social media application, etc.

A senior back end developer can expect to make $75k-$115k per year; however there are other factors involved such as geographic location (location of job), years of experience and skill level.

UI Designer

UI stands for user interface and a UI designer is responsible for the Web application’s front end design. They focus on making it aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate – essentially they make sure that everything looks good; including buttons/icons etc.

A typical salary range for this job title would be $46k-$80k per year depending on years of experience and location (geographic).

UX Designer

User Experience Designers are very similar to Web designers but their main objective isn’t just how something will look like visually; instead UX designers feel more concerned with how users interact within Web applications or websites. These individuals usually have several years of work in graphic design as well as HTML programming languages like JavaScript & jQuery at their disposal.

The average salary for a UX Web designer is $55k – $90k per year depending on experience and geographic location.

Art Director

Art Directors are Web designers that focus more on the overall visual appearance of Web applications or websites. They make sure everything is cohesive; meaning the buttons, layout and design all work well together rather than just aesthetically pleasing by themselves.

The average salary ranges for an Art Director would be $65k – $100k per year depending on experience, geographic location (geographic), years of experience & skill level in Web design.

Web Project Manager

Web Project Managers oversee Web design projects from start to finish. They are responsible for all the moving parts involved in a Web application or website – including anything from coding, hiring web development firms, negotiating contracts & budgets and much more.

Typical salary ranges for this job title would be $50k-$105k depending on years of experience and geographic location (geographic).

Product Manager

Web Product Managers are Web developers that focus more on brand development for Web companies. They will typically work with Web designers, graphic artists and Web programmers to create new online products or services – they ultimately help take them from idea stage all the way up until it’s launched onto the market (whether their own website/apps, another company etc.)

A typical salary range for this job title would be $55k-$120k per year depending on years of experience & geographic location (geographic).

SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization and Web SEO specialists are responsible for helping Web companies rank higher in the top results of Google & Bing. They will typically work with Web designers, graphic artists, Web programmers etc to ensure that all content is properly optimized so it ranks on the front-end when people perform a Web search.

The average salary range would be $50k-$90k per year depending on years of experience & expertise levels (level of education).


Whether you’re looking to get into software engineering, becoming a web application developer, front end engineer, or a visual designer, it’s important to remember that Web development is a constantly changing industry. Things like Web design, Web programming languages and Web applications are always evolving; meaning that you must be willing to stay updated on the latest trends & technologies in order to succeed as a Web developer or designer.

The salary ranges listed above only represent average annual salaries for popular Web development job titles – they may not necessarily reflect what your specific market value should be depending on several factors such as location (geographic), years of experience, education levels etc. Also don’t forget about all those free resources we mentioned earlier which can help improve your skillset!

Good luck!

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