5 Effective Ways To Get Web Design Clients Fast

We recently shared 7 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work As a Web Designer which lead to a series of questions about the best ways to find new clients. And that's exactly what we're going to answer for you today!

Many web designers find it quite difficult to attract high-paying clients who want to hire them on a recurring basis and know their worth. That's why we're diving into the top 5 hacks for finding clients fast in the web design field. Works every time!

1. Keep Your Personal Website Up-To-Date

Truth be told, nobody wants to hire a web designer with a lousy website of their own. It goes without saying that you website must be presentable, neat and easy-to navigate. If your website fails to form a lasting impression on the visitor, they're most likely to drop off and never come again. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Website Speed: A slow-loading website is bad UX. Your site visitors do not have the patience to wait until the website actually opens up. Make sure that you've got this area covered and test your website speed using tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights

  • Website Security: We cannot enough stress the importance of ensuring that your website is secured. Not only does that help in keeping your website safe from online cyber attacks, hackers, and malware but it also generates a sense of trust with your website visitors, and they don't feel vulnerable while engaging with your website.

  • Website Responsiveness: Mobile phones accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide and the number is only increasing. If your website is non-responsive, not mobile-friendly you're going to lose 50% of the leads. Do the math.

  • Broken Links: Eliminate unwanted redirects and broken links on your website. It makes a bad impression. 

2. Offer Freebies

Offering free stuff is not only a great value addition for your website visitors but also a way for you to get links and traffic. You can offer free illustrations, icons, PSD files, UI Mockups, website themes and so much more. It's a great way for you to showcase your capabilities as a web designer so make sure you put in great thought and effort into it. 

You can also go an extra mile, and offer free advise or consultation calls with potential leads. If a client is convinced that you're able to offer real and effective solutions to their ongoing issues, you're sure to seal the deal. 

3. Be Active on Social Media

With the advent of social media, the world has come all the more closer, it is one of the most effective tools that you have at your disposal. You can create your account across multiple social media channels and attract more clients. As a designer, you must use these platforms as your portfolio that matches with your personal brand and line of work. 

Apart from the regular channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as a designer you can also create your portfolios on specific channels such as Behance and Dribbble. Behance is a portfolio platform, where designers can systematically display their work. Dribbble on the other hand, is a place where designers can publish their work. Not just that, by joining such platforms you also become a part of a designer community where you can meet more like-minded people, get inspiration, and get new work opportunities. 

4. Find a Niche and Charge Higher Rates

Let's face it, be it any industry, the clients want to work only with Experts. When you select a particular niche and create websites only for that category, say gardening for example, your portfolio, marketing strategies, articles everything is specific to a niche, the clients see you as an expert in that field and would prefer to hire you over a general web designer for that specific needs. 

Another advantage to picking your niche is also that you get to charge higher rates that clients would be gladly willing to pay for.

This is because, with your expertise, the clients get a more personalized experience, and faster project deliveries. It's a win-win situation really. 

5. Follow Up

Your potential clients are busy people, and even though they need your help, they're just too busy to connect with you. But, rather than losing a contract. A wasted lead is wasted income, and if you don't want that then it won't harm to politely check-in with your potential leads, drop them a reminder and simply say hello once in a while. This however, does not imply to pester or spam a person. 

You could also utilize an email management tool such as ActiveCampaign or Kartra to send out automated email series, newsletters and a lot more. Investments in such tools can do wonders for your business. 

Over To You

So these were the top 5 easy to do and practical hacks from us that will help you to find web design clients faster and get more work. We hope that you too will find them useful. 

Is there any specific trick that you have up your sleeve? Please do let us know in the comments below. 

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