15 Free & Useful Tools for Web Designers You’ve Never Heard Of

In order to design a sleek website, you not only need to have a creative outlook and the required skills but also the edge to be fast and efficient. In today’s day and age, where creating websites has become insanely simple, there’s still an ever-growing demand for great web designers!

Thus keeping your requirements in mind, we have put together this toolbox (with FREE tools and resources) that will help you to save dozens of minutes every day and help you to focus your attention on more important things.

#1 Coolers.co

Coolers is an exciting tool that helps you to create, save and share perfect palettes in seconds! It also allows you to view other completed creations from other designers so that you can draw inspiration. Browse thousands of color schemes at the click of a button, start generating color schemes that always blend together.

Another Similar Tool: Colordot

#2 EnjoyCSS

Create numerous graphic styles and instantly get their code with this advanced CSS3 generator. It’s easy to use and helps you to minimize your time and effort in creating complex CSS styles.

Another Similar Tool: CSS3 Generator

#3 Iconscout

As a web designer, you’re always on the lookout for good icons, and this platform allows to select from thousands of Royalty-Free icons available for personal as well as commercial use.

Another Similar Tool: Flaticon

#4 Placehold.it

A Free Image Placeholder Service for web designers that helps you generate custom placeholder images on the go. Visit their website to check out some of the examples, and instructions on how to use it.

Another Fun Alternative: Placedog

#5 Blind Text Generator

Ironically, dummy texts have high usefulness when it comes to showing the typographical and visual design of a website. And Blind Text Generator provides you with filler text in ten languages, which makes it one of the most convenient filler text generators on the internet.

Another Similar Tool: Random Text Generator

#6 TinyPNG

Optimizing images for the web display is not only a good idea on the web designer’s part but also a necessity. Optimized images load faster and consume less data. TinyPNG is an excellent, and free online image optimization platform that is trusted by tons of web designers.

Another Similar Alternative: Imagify

#7 Coverr

Coverr is one platform from where you can download royalty-free stock videos. You can use these videos on your websites for the homepage, or background video as you prefer.

Another Similar Alternative: Videvo

#8 QSnipps

Code snippet managers come in handy when you’re looking to reuse the code. You can save a library of your most commonly used code snippets, keep them organized and reuse them as and when required. One such code snippet manager is QSnipps, which lets you build and organize your code snippets library.

Another Similar Alternative: Gist

#9 InfoByIP’s Screen Resolution Simulator

There’s not a slightest of doubts that a website should be responsive. And there are free online tools that help web designers test their website’s appearance across various screen sizes and screen resolutions.

Another Similar Alternative: Screenfly

#10 Foundry

Foundry is an open-source, free collection of SVG illustrations that you can use for your next web design project.

Another Similar Alternative: DrawKit

#11 Atom

It’s very important for a web developer to select the right code editor tool that not only allows you to build and organize your code but also makes it easier for your clients to get acquainted with.

Another Similar Alternative: Sublime Text

#12 Wufoo

Wufoo by SurveyMonkey is an online form builder that allows you to build and customize online forms to collect data, files, and payments. It comes with an easy-to-use form builder and the best part is, they have an always-free plan if you’re needs are limited.

Another Similar Alternative: Captisa

#13 Best Website Gallery

Feeling stuck, or uninspired? Head on to Best Website Gallery, or BWG, to look at some of the most beautiful websites and get a source of inspiration for your next project!

Another Similar Alternative: CSS Nectar

#14 JSFiddle

JSFiddle is a free online tool that helps web developers to test their JavaScript, CSS, or HTML code snippets (also known as fiddles) over its platform.

Another Similar Alternative: CodePen

#15 Webhint

A free plugin offered with Firefox/Chrome, webhint tests your website to see if there are any issues with accessibility, browser compatibility, security, performance and more.

Another Similar Alternative: Accessibility Insights for Web

We hope that these 15 tools would be beneficial for you and help you get your job done faster, better and easier!

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